Effective zone 6-axis (Ø300), 12-axis (Ø180) Χ H1100mm
Chamber size Ø1250 Χ H1620mm
Coating type Cyliderical arc source
Control mode Automation of all processes by applying PLC+ touch screen
Heater max 550℃
Main features
  • 6-axis (Ø300), 12-axis (Ø180) turntable can be used together
  • The cabinet of the electrical control device is sealed and the internal cooling device is automated to block the inflow of external dust, ensuring durability and stability of electrical devices including power


CC-1620 Center Arc Ion Plating System is a specialized system for decoration coating with a uniform color as a cylindrical arc target is mounted in the center of the chamber to radiate the coated material in a 360-degree direction. In particular, it is a system suitable for decoration of faucets, cutlery or tableware, and for coating to increase durability.