Effective zone Ø600 Χ H1000mm
Chamber size Ø900 Χ H1500mm
Coating type Filtered Arc source type
Control mode Automation of all processes by applying PLC+ touch screen
Heater max 200℃
Main features
  • Turntable reinforces durability by applying a bearing-free system to the rotating shaft
  • Sturdy and compact design, convenient maintenance
  • The cabinet of the electrical control device is sealed and the internal cooling device is automated to block the inflow of external dust, ensuring durability and stability of electrical devices including power


BT-1500L-T8 is a large area coating system for etching, activation, and functional carbon coating (H-free DLC) by applying FVAS technology, a high-density plasma source of 10¹¹-¹³cm-³.

FVAS schematic diagram

FVAS appearance

Arc beam emission

  • ta-C: As a tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon, it is an amorphous carbon-based hard coating that does not contain hydrogen in the thin film and has a fraction of sp³ that forms a tetrahedrally orbital bond.
  • FVAS (Filtered Vacuum Arc Source): A magnetic field filtration arc generator that is emitted from the arc beam as shown in the figure in order to solve the problem of poor surface roughness of the coated surface due to large particles of several microns size generated from arc spots during general arc discharge It is a device that is used for coating by removing the large particles that are removed by going straight and withdrawing only the ionized carbon particles.